Éditeur recherche évaluateurs

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Éditeur recherche évaluateurs

A propos de l'évaluation : ci-dessous la lettre que Timothy J Garrett (Associate Professor, Editor of Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, University of Utah) actuellement invité au Laboratoire d'Optique Atmosphérique de Lille 1 va envoyer au président de l'arrêt-public:

Dear Président Sarkozy,

I am a visiting scientist from the University of Utah in the United States,
currently on a year-long professorial sabbatical at the Laboratoire d'Optique
Atmospherique at the University of Lille. My research focuses on developing
improved understanding of the role of clouds in climate change.

As part of my normal duties, I am editor for the journal Atmospheric
Chemistry and Physics (ACP). ACP is a highly reputed journal with the highest
"impact factor" in our field.

A primary aspect of my editorial duties is seeking out highly qualified
reviewers who can offer thoughtful, well-informed criticism of submitted
manuscripts. It is on the basis of these reviews that I make the decision
whether or not an article should be accepted for formal publication in the

I strive for high standards of quality and absolutely depend on the reviewers
I choose to maintain these standards.

Following your speech of 22 January, I have become aware that the French
scientists I have asked to do the review of a particular article may be too
"mediocre" to maintain necessary standards.

As a US scientist, I only have contacts with French scientists, and so I
would welcome instead scientific reviews from the Ministère de la Recherche
for me to consider in my editorial decisions. Please could you forward to
your Ministry the following internet link, where Ministry officials can
contribute reviews in an "open review" stage of the article acceptance
process. Ministry contributions will be a highly valued replacement for the
French scientists I have asked previously.


The reviews are open-access, and registration with ACP is straightforward.

Hoping that this solution will interest you, and that you will accept my
sincerest expressions of respect for you and your Cabinet,

Timothy J Garrett
Associate Professor
Editor of Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics
Department of Meteorology
University of Utah
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